Heights School

Rarely does an opportunity arise where you can create something bold and unconventional. When asked to design a stairway/walkway at the Heights School, an independent day school for boys in Potomac Maryland, it all sounded fairly routine. However, after seeing the location where the walkway was desired and upon discussing the project with the client it ceased being routine. Besides the constraints of traversing through a wooded hillside the school was interested in creating a dramatic stairway where the boys could have fun moving through the space and release pent up energy between classes. Essentially, letting boys just be boys. The design focused on creating a stairway that had a rough and rugged look to it. Something the boys would want to interact with. To accomplish this massive boulders were placed at various locations along the stairway and distributed on the hillside creating spots for boys to stand and even jump on but also to visually make this stairway look at home in it’s environment.

Heights School:  Landscape Architect serving Potomac, MD